Art and the Artist

Volume 1 Number 1

Art and the Artist


The launch issue of Moving Worlds brings together writers whose histories are tied in various ways to the history of British colonialism. The writers explore new conceptions of shared ground and space and raise questions about the relationship between the global and the local; about identity, language and hybridity; and about the evolution of new aesthetic forms and structures.

  • Contents
      • Shirley Chew
    • DRAMA
      • Michael McMillan, Brother to Brother
      • Wole Soyinka, King Baabu
      • Shashi Deshpande, The Day Bapu Died
      • E.A. Markham, A Short History of Employment in Britain
      • Zafer Senocak, Flying
      • Aritha van Herk, Type/Caste: A Poetics of Class
    • POETRY
      • Maura Dooley, Sexton and Merwin, 1968, I’m Not in Love
      • Carol Ann Duffy, The Cord
      • Mimi Khalvati, The Love Barn, Just to Say, The Coat

        All Things Bright and Beautiful

      • John Kinsella, Hölderlin was not Mad
      • Greg O’Brien, Ode to the Chair, Ode to Sleep
      • Niyi Osundare, Telling Gift, Letter From The Editor, Meeting

        At Bertolt Brecht’s House, Berlin

      • Ann Sansom, Crookes, Blessing the House, Night Ferry – August 1950

        What Friends are for, to stop you going out too far;

      • Peter Sansom, Night Fishing, Nocturne
      • Adam Strickson, Two paintings: Oil on oak, Tempera on canvas

        Where are we?, A strange story about Bangladesh

      • Susan Burns, The Little Room of the Big Questions
      • Salima Hashmi, Past Moulds – Present Matters
      • Marcia Hutchinson, Nothing Like a Dame
      • Quddus Mirza, The Boom in Miniature Painting
      • Griselda Pollock, Broken Histories/New Beginnings:

        Jewish Presence/Difference in Yorkshire

      • Randolph Stow, Settling In – Reflections on a Colonial Record
      • Judith Tucker, Traverse
      • Wils Wilson, Without Walls