Postcolonial Europe

Volume 11 Issue 2

Postcolonial Europe


The critical essays in this volume reflect the duality of postcolonial Europe as, on the one hand, a site of rising xenophobia and exclusion, and of convivial inclusiveness and transcultural aperture on the other.

  • Contents
      • Graham Huggan

      • Zygmunt Bauman, The Triple Challenge
      • Étienne Balibar, Ideas of Europe: Civilization and Constitution
      • Paul Gilroy, Shameful History: The Social Life of Races and the Postcolonial Archive
      • Simon Glendinning, 'Europe, for example'
      • Luisa Passerini, The Ethics of European Memory: What is to be Done?
      • Max Silverman, Hybrid Memory in the City
      • Sandra Ponzanesi, Europe Adrift: Rethinking Borders, Bodies, and

        Citizenship from the Mediterranean

      • Cordula Lemke, Contesting Europe, Provincializing the World
      • Margaret Fetzer, Beyond the Textual Line: Walter Scott’s Postponing and

        Post-scripting of ‘Authentic’ Scottishness

      • Paulo de Medeiros, A Failure of the Imagination? Questions for a

        Post-imperial Europe

      • John McLeod, No End to Europe? Connecting Caledonias

        in the South Pacific

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