(Con)figuring Sport

Volume 12 Number 1

Configuring Sport


Issue 12.1 explores the ways in which sporting endeavours offer writers and artists an opportunity to reflect upon the conflicts, tensions and cultural transformations which sport configures.



  • Shirley Chew & John McLeod


  • Stephen Derwent Partington, An Odyssey, Generation Z

  • Leong Liew Geok, Wrestlers, Gymnast, Weightlifter


  • Alexis Tadié, Writing about Cricket:

    a conversation with Mukul Kesavan

  • Lim Lee Ching, Bowling for Columbo:

    a conversation with Shehan Karunatilaka

  • Chris Murray, The White Crane Art of Shàolín’s Five Ancestors:

    a conversation with Chan See-meng

  • Susan Burns, 'The intricacies of ordinary life':

    an interview with Paul Floyd Blake


  • Wai-chew Sim, Mexican Wave


  • John Whale, ‘Imperfect Sympathies’: the Early Nineteenth-century

    Formation of Responses to Black Fighters in Britain

  • David Murphy, When Symbols Start to Speak: Lilian Thuram and

    the French Identity Debates

    The relationship between sporting success and the supposedly successful integration of immigrant minorities has gained even greater prominence since France’s victory in the 1998 World Cup Final.

    From ‘When Symbols Start to Speak’

    by David Murphy

  • Supriya Chaudhuri, Literary Modernism and Subaltern Sport

  • Philip Dine, Big-Game Hunting in Algeria from Jules Gérard to

    Tartarin de Tarascon

  • Nima Poovaya-Smith, Games in the Park

  • Claire Westall, Cricket, Capital, and Civility in Joseph O’Neill’s


  • Alex Boyd and Lynette Hunter, The Art of Play: Lishi, Contemporary

    Dance, and Cricket

  • Lim Yiru, 15'-3'-15': Underwater Hockey in 3 Movements

  • Timothy O’Grady, Symposium

  • Dave Gunning, Race, Community, and Agency in

    Fictional Representations of Sport in Britain

  • David James, Extraordinary Moves: The Art of Science in

    the Cultural Olympiad


  • by Alistair Stead, Natalie Diebschlag, Clare Barker, Corinne Fowler