Performing Arts and South Asian Literature

Volume 5 Number 2

Performing Arts and South Asian Literature


The essays in this volume discuss the key roles that song, dance, theatre, film, and television drama play in current debates on nation, identity, and cross-cultural translation, and their interactive relationship with modern prose fiction in the South Asian context

  • Contents
      • Shirley Chew
      • Claire Chambers, An Interview with Geetha Upadhyaya
      • Rukhsana Ahmad, Karachi
      • Githa Hariharan, Subbalakshmi’s Sari, Imelda’s Fan
      • Hamid Ismailov, From The Railway

        Translated from Russian by Robert Chandler

      • Vinod Kumar Shukla, Weight

        Translated From Hindi by Satti Khanna

    • POETRY
      • Amit Chaudhuri, Death of a Bust
      • Ranjana Sidhanta Ash, Growing up with Tagore:

        Finding the Personal and Political in Rabindranath’s Works

      • Pallabi Chakravorty, Modernity in Bhakti and Bhakti in Modernity:

        Kabir and Kathak

      • Claire Chambers, ‘Purity of the Classical Forms’:

        Sexuality, Gender, and Bharata Natyam in texts from South India

      • Robert Chandler, Translating The Railway
      • Rachel Farebrother, ‘Music and National Identity in

        Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy

      • Salima Hashmi, ‘The Hue of the Garment’: Faiz Ahmed Faiz and

        a New Idiom for the People

      • Aamer Hussein, Re-reading Sughra Humayun Mirza
      • Ananya Jahanara Kabir, Beyond Narrative:

        Song and Story in South Asia

      • Satti Khanna, The Consciousness of the Listener:

        An Exploration in Video

      • Neluka Silva, Cultural Resources for Peace:

        Teledrama and Conflict Transformation in Sri Lankan Society

      • Alex Tickell, Great Stories and Small Gods:

        Epic and Performance in The God of Small Things